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I believe that we can thrive in life and not merely survive, regardless of where we’ve come from and what we’ve experienced.


That a community of women can be one of the most healing- and unstoppable- forces on earth.


That with the right tools, anyone can flourish in work, life and love. 


The reason I believe them? Because I have first-hand experience.


I’ve personally felt the transformational power of sisterhood, wellness practices and sound healing. That’s why my mission is to make them available to women everywhere, through events, retreats and sound healing tools. 

hi, i'm kate

When I first discovered sound healing some years back, it transformed my personal wellbeing journey and took my life on a new and unexpected path.

What I didn't know at the time, but have learned since, is that scientific research supports the claim that sound vibrations facilitate healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It's no wonder that I left that first session feeling grounded, calmer and more peaceful than I had done in years!


Since then, I've become passionate about the complementary role that sound healing tools play in wellbeing practices. As well as providing a deeply meditative experience when used alone, the instruments can also enhance everything from yoga, breathwork, meditation, Kundalini and movement practices to bodywork treatments and more.


I continue to use sound healing in my own practice, as well as offering it as part of the retreats and events that I host.


Having worked with another company for 2.5 years selling Alchemy Crystal singing bowls, I set up my own business so that I could offer a more holistic, bespoke service to wellbeing practitioners.

The instruments and events that you'll find here are the culmination of everything I have learned. If you're curious about how these can benefit your own practice, please do schedule a free, completely no-obligation call with me.

If you want to read more about my personal journey into this world, read the full story in this blog

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