Have fun, booze-free

5 alternative nights out that won’t cost you a days wages, or a hangover! 

It is me, or is the thought of going out boozing not as tempting as it used to be? Recently I’ve still felt inspired to go out but without the cost of a hangover. I’m not T-total, however boozing has become less appealing and hangovers have become a lot worse...

I have news for you - that nice little buzz, the rush, the warm fuzzy feeling you get from a good night out (that potentially led to dancing on tables) is still out there!

From gong baths, to getting your best lycra on and sweating your face off, there is something for everyone. Enjoy!

*Please note all of the events below are London based


Sound Bath

I absolutely love sound baths, you simply lie down and completely surrender to the sounds while they take you on a journey. I'm lucky enough to work with the amazing Carly Grace who runs regular Sound Baths using the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. The sounds of these bowls are beautiful, relaxing, yet so powerful and deeply cleansing,

I'm also a fan of Gong baths, which are becoming really popular in many yoga studios in London. Gongs create a different sound to the crystal bowls, however again you just need to lie back and relax.

A sound bath can help to expand ones consciousness to a higher level (Altered State of Consciousness), to facilitate release, energetic & emotional shifts and inhibition of certain chemicals in the body such as the stress hormone (Cortisol), such promoting healing and regeneration. I would also  recommend both Simone Selvatico and Rachel Wellford's Sound baths. They use gongs, chimes, Tibetan bowls, shells, rain sticks and other homemade instruments. It's a real treat!

What do I need: Nothing just wear loose comfortable clothing and be prepared to go home feeling a bit zombiefied.

How will I feel after: relaxed, calm, trance-like state, deep meditative feeling, more peaceful state of mind, deeper connection to your intuition. 



It may sound intimidating going crazy in front of complete strangers, however it's the complete opposite. No one is there to judge, everyone is there to dance. You are guided in gently and once stretched and warm, invited to move, play, connect, sweat, stretch, unwind and release. 

Expressing yourself through dance has the ability to let go of emotions and stresses you may have been holding onto for some time.

Urubu run a cacao & ecstatic dance event every Friday night in Camden. 

What do I need: A bottle of water (you're going to sweat) & comfortable clothing - the good thing about ecstatic dance is it doesn't matter what you wear, or how you dance!

How will I feel after: full of endorphins, high on life, energised, maybe slightly achy muscles and much less stressed. 


Untitled design.png

The Shine started in LA has only recently come to London, is run solely by volunteers. I love the concept and a large chunk of the proceeds is given randomly to one Shine attendee, who then puts it towards a charitable cause. You can then follow their story and see how they spent the proceeds. 

The event features live music, inspiring short films, group meditation, audience-based philanthropy, food and storytelling.

Their mission is to create a local, alcohol-free social experience that will leave you feeling nourished and inspired to do more, give more, and be more. 

If you enjoy live music and scouting out new bands to follow, another amazing night I'd recommended is Sofar Sounds. They run secret gigs going on all around London all the time (it's BYOB, however you could bring your own booze-free beverages).

What do I need: for The Shine, I'd bring a notepad in case you want to capture anything that inspires you! For Sofar Sounds bring your own drinks.

How will I feel after: warm and fuzzy, full of endorphins, inspired, might have made some new connections.


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As someone who has always been scared to sing in public, the thought of a Kirtan initially made me very anxious. However, there was no need, I felt totally alive. If you step out of your comfort zone you will never regret it.

Kirtan is a joining of voices together in song. It's typically based on ancient chants and has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.

UnMind run by Mollie Mendoza and singer Sam Garrett host regular Kirtan, cacao & meditation nights. And if you ever get a chance to hear Regina Rhythm sing, you'll be blown away, her voice is so powerful! 

What do I need: comfortable clothing and come with the intention to leave your ego at the door and let your true voice be heard.

How will I feel after: alive, happy, euphoric, more peaceful state of mind, an open heart.



If you're fitness junkie and love a good beat, then you'll love these two!

Mixing music and fitness to create an immersive experience at hidden locations across London. Curious? Then check out Sweat & Sound

Or for the HITT lovers - London's first fitness nightclub Ministry Does Fitness. Expect bass and to sweat your face off!

What do I need: water, your best workout gear, sweatbands and your A game.

How will I feel after: alive, full of endorphins, high on life, ready to take on the world.