Our story

I Know This Girl was born out of Kate's desire to work only with clients whose offering and ethos she believed in and felt passionate about.

Kate is Reiki and Sound Practitioner working with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls offering 1:1 sessions and group sound events.

She is the Sound Universe London distributer selling the Alchemy Crystal Bowls and shares Sound Medicine Courses with sound master and teacher Yantara Jiro, of Sound Universe International.

A former project manager, working in branding, Kate left the corporate world in 2014 to follow her own path. This led her to working for a meditation company, yoga studio, retreat centre and then sound practitioner, Carly Grace. 

Working alongside her two mentors, Yantara Jiro and Carly Grace she became drawn to explore the world of Sound healing and offer the bowls herself after seeing how much of an impact this method of healing had made to many lives.

Kate’s personal journey of practising meditation, movement, breathwork, shamanic work and yoga helped her to overcome anxiety that she’d lived with from the age of 11. She has since made it her purpose to support and share these gifts with others. 

Her mission is to help others to find peace and balance within themselves.

Come to one of Kate’s sound journeys and RECHARGE, RELEASE and REBALANCE  

Kate is incredible to work with, it is an absolute blessing to have her with us on our team. Her organisational and communication skills are impeccable, she is efficient, clear, patient, has a huge heart, extremely kind - she genuinely cares about the people that she is supporting. Kate is our all round super woman! She understands our vision and makes it happen! We feel so supported by her and can trust that whatever is needed will be carried out to the highest standard. There isn’t one day that goes by where we don’t feel grateful for Kate and could not recommend her more highly.
— Carly Grace
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Drive and dedication.

Treating everyone as an equal.

Always doing your best.

Making positive change.

Non judgement.

Loving what you do.