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I’m new to Sound Healing. Where do I start?

Updated: Feb 21

So you're new to Sound Healing and are looking to invest in singing bowls, but how do you know where to start? In this article I'll share some guidance on where to begin.

If you’re feeling called to begin your Sound Healing journey the chances are you’ve attended some Sound Baths by now? I would recommend attending Sound Baths with a variety of teachers as your experience will vary between each practitioner and the different instruments they use.

If you have experienced Singing Bowls before, then based on your experience are you drawn to the deeper tones or higher tones? Knowing this might help your decision later when you come to choose your first Singing Bowl.

Choosing a singing bowl is a very personal experience and I often advise clients to tune into their intuition and let that guide them. So, I won’t be telling you specifically what to buy, but I can offer some tips to get you started.

Kate holding a Crystal Singing Bowl with handle by a lake

Getting started

First you’ll need to know about the notes! Here is a list of the Singing Bowl notes and the chakra/ energy center, or endocrine point they relate to:

  • B note - Crown Chakra

  • A# note - Pineal Gland

  • A note - Third Eye

  • G# note - Thyroid/ Zeal

  • G note - Throat Chakra

  • F# note - Thymus/ Higher Heart

  • F note - Heart Chakra

  • E note - Solar Plexus

  • D# note - Adrenals

  • D note - Sacral Chakra

  • C# note - Sexual (ovaries/ testies)

  • C note - Root Chakra

Understanding the sizes

Usually, the smaller sized Singing Bowls work with the upper chakras and the larger Singing Bowls correspond to the lower chakras (not in all cases, but mostly with the 4th octave bowls that I sell).

Here are the different sizes:

  • Size 6-inch and 7-inch Singing Bowls are accelerating - above the body

  • Size 7-inch, 8-inch and 9-inch Singing Bowls are centering - in the body (depending on the note a 7-inch is either accelerating or centering)

  • Size 10-inch and 12-inch Singing Bowls are grounding - below the body

#Tip - Choose bowls in different sizes for a wider spectrum of sound and so each bowl can stack inside one another. For example, bowls in these sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 inches will all fit into one case. Two 7-inch bowls would require getting two cases so it isn't as practical.

How many singing bowls should i start with?

Often people ask how many Singing Bowls they should start with and again it’s very personal to each client and also comes down to budget. Some start with one, some with five.

To create a nice soundscape I’d recommend starting with three Singing Bowls if your budget allows (discount available on three or more bowls).

I’d suggest three Bowls in different sizes. For example, a 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch would be accelerating, centering and grounding and offer much more than three bowls in the same size.

If your budget only allows starting with one Singing Bowl to begin with then I would suggest something centering (in the body) or grounding. The notes below might be a great option for your first Singing Bowl, however if you feel drawn to something completely different there is no wrong place to begin:

  • F note (heart chakra)

  • E note (solar plexus)

  • D note (sacral chakra)

  • C note (root chakra)

*Suggested size 7-inch or 8-inch

Creating a set

You don’t need a musical background to play the singing bowls and the general rule of thumb is to skip 1-2 notes when pairing bowls.

For example a B and G (so, skipping an A note) play beautifully together.

Or an A, F and C also play really well together (so you've skipped a G then E and D to make this trio).

I share video recordings for my clients of different combinations, as well as give advice on which notes might work best together. Feel free to reach out and I can support you.


Are you ready to begin your journey? start with these simple steps:

Step 1 - Guide

View my short video Guide that offers some more information on the different sizes and notes⁠

Step 2 - Listen

Visit the Sound Library Pop your headphones on, close your eyes and follow your own inner guidance as to which sounds you are drawn to.

Step 3 - Browse

Browse the options in the Shop to get an idea of how many singing bowls you might want to begin within.

Step 4 - Talk

It can feel daunting when you’re new to sound healing. A free consultation offers an opportunity to discuss your needs with me, ask questions and get the guidance you need on finding the right bowl/s for you⁠.


Side note: For those with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, it’s possible to pair my Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls with Crystal Tones bowls and match based on your notes and (-/+) cents 😀


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