Private sessions with Yantara Jiro

Yantara Jiro is available for private sessions during his two UK tours in February, May and June 2019. Please contact us directly for session times and availability.

Yantara offers two types of sessions, these are explained below.


Option 1: 60mins - Private One to One Session £360

Experience an intimate private session to bring about the alignment and transformation you seek. Depending on your intentions and questions, Yantara will approach your session specially tailored using the most effective and effortless way for your personal empowerment.

Methods include supporting in mental and emotional shifts to gain clarity and re-wiring of perspectives, thus in the process release mental and emotional blockages. 

Session includes:

  • Healing on vital energy body promoting well-being and alignment with Source.

  • Receive messages, blessings and personalised light language activations.

  • Powerful coaching and breaking free from limiting beliefs and fear.

  • Reconnecting with higher-self and soul to receive guidance to move forward.

  • Chakras clearing and harmony

This session type is suitable for those who have questions and need guidance on - direction in life, career, relationships, health (well-being) and spiritual growth; Finding a sense of purpose, healing and unity with Self and Oneness.


Option 2: 60mins - Quantum Reconfiguration Activation Session £550

This session is focused upon personal growth at all levels. Yantara has offered over 4000 individual sessions since 2004.

Yantara works with the Quantum Field and will bring forth the necessary frequencies for light codes to be downloaded into the vital blueprint. Blessings, empowerments and messages from Spiritual Masters are commonly gifted in sessions too.

During the session the receiver is guided to journey deeply into their own Quantum state of consciousness. The receiver will receive insights on life directions during the transmission.

The sounds transmitted will be recorded into a 'Personalised Sonic Prescription' to perpetuate the momentum and integration of work. This will strengthen further daily empowerments.

Session includes:

  • Recorded personalised prescription to take home

  • Insights on life directions

  • Empowerment and blessings that ignite and activate personal potential

This session is suitable for people who feel are ready for rapid consciousness transformation, deep expansion and accelerated upgrades on light-bodies for spiritual growth and connection with supreme consciousness of Universe.