Photo taken of our founder Kate Stewart

"Don't wait for opportunity. Create it"

Our story

I Know This Girl was born out of Kate's desire to work only with clients whose offering and ethos she believed in.

Seeing the benefits of practising meditation, yoga and alternative therapies, Kate naturally gravitated towards those offering these services. 

After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, Kate spent 8 years working in design agencies as a Project Manager working in branding. Breaking free from the office life, Kate subsequently became a Personal Trainer, boutique fitness studio manager and yoga instructor.

I Know This Girl works with clients offering meditation, wellness events, coaching, therapies, treatments, sound baths, yoga and more. 

At I Know This Girl, because we believe in our clients values, we love what we do.

Kate’s an utter dream to work with. Super efficient, wonderfully organised, quick to respond, concise, clear and kind in communication and extremely patient. She’s enthusiastic, passionate and really knowledgeable in her field so you always feel safe and supported. She’s always happy to muck in and has a wealth of ideas if you need them. And on top of this she’s the kindest of souls.
I’m so glad I Know This Girl!
— Jess Cook, Intuitive Healer & Meditation Teacher


  • Hard work and dedication.
  • Treating everyone as an equal.
  • Always doing your best. 
  • Non judgement.
  • Motivating others.
  • Loving what you do.