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Our Cosmic Crystal Singing Bowls are made using 99.99% pure quartz crystal.


Each of the notes of the bowls correspond with the following Chakras / Energy Centers or endocrine gland:

B note - Crown Chakra

A# note - Pineal Gland

A note - Third Eye

G# note - Thyroid/ Zeal

G note - Throat Chakra

F# note - Thymus/ Higher Heart

F note - Heart Chakra

E note - Solar Plexus

D# note - Adrenals

D note - Sacral Chakra

C# note - Sexual (ovaries/ testies)

C note - Root Chakra


These powerful healing tools can be used to enhance your meditation, yoga, self-care and holistic practices. 

Enjoy the short clips below - with headphones on - and see which sounds you resonate with!

To listen to the Crystal Pyramid sounds here.

Or book a Discovery Call with our founder and receive support and guidance on what might be best to suit your needs.