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If you're wondering how to go about choosing a singing bowl, in this short video I offer some guidance.

Trust your intuition and know that there is no wrong way to choose on your singing bowl or sound meditation tool. 

I recommend closing your eyes as you listen to each sound and follow your own inner guidance as to which one is for YOU. Choosing a bowl is a very personal experience.

If you need more support feel free to book in a free discovery call with me or visit the FAQs section.



As I shared in the video, each of the notes correspond with the Chakras / Energy Centers. 


Here is a list of the notes and which area of the body they relate to:

  • B note - Crown Chakra 

  • A# note - Pineal Gland

  • A note - Third Eye 

  • G# note - Thyroid/ Zeal

  • G note - Throat Chakra

  • F# note - Thymus/ Higher Heart

  • F note - Heart Chakra

  • E note - Solar Plexus

  • D# note - Adrenals

  • D note - Sacral Chakra 

  • C# note - Sexual (ovaries/ testies)

  • C note - Root Chakra

In order to get the most from your products, I’ve curated a collection of resources to help you on your way. These include introductory workshops, a free tutorial video with every purchase and recommendations for tried-and-tested courses.

And I am always available for further guidance and support on how to grow your singing bowl collection, so feel free to book a call through the link below.

White Grass
intro to sound healing workshop

Want to learn more about Sound Healing and have a better understanding of how to play for yourself and for others? This day workshop is for YOU.

further guidance

Looking for support on how to grow your collection? Book in a free consultation with me at any time.


White Sand and Stone
free guide with every singing bowl purchase

Free 20min tutorial video with every singing bowl purchase to help you get started.

Visit the shop to choose your bowl.

Reading Glasses on Book
course recommendations


Are you looking to delve deeper into Sound Healing? Drop me a message and I'll happily share some course recommendations.

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