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The Zaphir Chime was born in the middle of a Mountain Range in the Pyrénées. 

Each chime is crafted by hand, each with a unique marbled effect.

There are 5 tunings and they are named in the relation to the seasons: 

  • Crystalide - Spring

  • Sunray - Summer

  • Twilight - Autumn

  • Blue Moon - Winter

  • Sufi - the Intermediary Season, that makes the link between the others 


Enjoy the enchanting, dreamy and relaxing sounds below that will leave you in a quiet wonder.

Which tuning resonates for you? 

Crystalide (Spring) - Shop the Cystalide windchime here

Blue Moon (Winter) - Shop Blue Moon windchime here

Sufi (Intermediary Season) - Shop the Sufi windchime here

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