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For many years, tribal groups have built strong communities, where people feel valued, listened to and respected.  They are secure in the knowledge that they are surrounded by like-minded people who will support them.

In my events, workshops and retreats, I use a similar approach.  I create a safe space for women so that their voices can be heard.  It’s all about nurturing confidence and building trust.  Women come feeling vulnerable and leave feeling powerful - equipped with the tools and techniques to ensure that their journey of self-care and self-discovery will continue long after the events they attend.


My passion for sharing these events comes from my own journey of recovery from childhood trauma and mental health issues. Sound healing took my own wellness journey to the next level, and I am honoured to pass on this beautiful practice to others.  

I work with other wonderful, wise and talented women, to offer a wide range of classes and experiences based around wellness and self-care, including: Sound Healing, Breathwork, Yoga, Kundalini, Movement, Cacao Ceremonies, Sharing Circles, Meal Sharing and Life Coaching.

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Our events follow a cyclical approach, like the seasons or a woman’s menstrual cycle.  We focus on rest and contemplation, setting new intentions and rejuvenation, re-energising and productivity and then winding down again.  They offer the perfect antidote to stress-related city life and allow women to reconnect with themselves. 

See below to find out more about our current offerings and to book your place.

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sound bath

8th July, 7.30-8.30pm 

Pause - 187 Francis Rd, London

E10 6NQ

Sound Healing Workshop.jpg

Introduction to Sound Healing 3hr workshop

16th July, 10.30am-1.30pm 

Lekdanling - Tibetan Cultural Centre

14 Collent StreetLondon, E9 6SG

Shaka tarot reading.JPG

an evening of tarot & sound healing

14th July, 7.00-9.15pm 

Lekdanling - Tibetan Cultural Centre

14 Collent Street, London, E9 6SG


Calling Your Energy Back - Women's Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop

16th July, 2.30-4.15pm 

Lekdanling - Tibetan Cultural Centre

14 Collent Street, London, E9 6SG