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Activating Sound Bath

Join me for an evening of deep healing

Activating Sound Bath

7.30-8.30pm 5th February
Pause Yoga Studio, 187 Francis Road, London, E10 6NQ

An evening of blissful sound, using crystal singing bowls, soothing chimes and quartz pyramids.⁠

Prepare for an activation of the senses as you feel the vibrations wash through your body, the angelic sounds entraining your brain waves to a more relaxed state taking you on an acoustic journey and the familiar welcoming woody smell of palo santo cleansing your body and the space around you 🌊

The sounds of the crystal singing bowls resonate at different healing frequencies that correspond each of the chakras / energy centers, helping to bring about balance and harmony and remove any stagnant energy, or anything that is causing us dis-harmony 💝

Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets provided.
Comfortable loose clothing is recommended.

What is a Sound Bath?
A Sound Bath is an acoustic meditative experience where you lie down, or sit and are “bathed” in sound waves. There's actually no water or bath included in a sound bath :)

The sound practitioner aims to guide you into a deep meditative state where your brain waves will start to slow down, your body will start to relax and your attention will focus more on your inner world.

Each person’s experience is unique. Some people see colours in their inner mind during the sound bath, while others receive insights, realisations or clarity over something that has been worrying them.


Limited places - £18 per person

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