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Discover deeper meditation through sound.
Find your power within.

  • Would you like to enhance your self-care practises using sound tools, such as singing bowls or chimes?  


  • Are you wanting to learn more about the techniques and benefits of meditation in the comfort of your own home? Well, look no further.

I'd love to invite you to become part of a growing community of like-minded women, who value the importance of self-care and want to feel more in control of their lives!

I’m Kate, the founder of I Know This Girl.  I’m here to guide and support you on your journey, helping you to find the tools and techniques that will suit you best to elevate your self-care practice.  

I’ve explored the scientific evidence and the physical and psychological impact of meditation, as well as practising it myself for years, in a variety of forms.  I’ve also experienced first-hand the benefits of meditation and sound healing for relaxing the mind, bringing the body back into balance and stimulating the brain into a more relaxed state.  

“Sound is like nutrition for the nervous system.  The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness and relaxation of the mind and body”

Jeffrey Thompson, from The California Institute for Human Science

My Mission

I believe that we can thrive in life and not merely survive, regardless of where we’ve come from and what we’ve experienced.


That a community of women can be one of the most healing- and unstoppable- forces on earth.


That with the right tools, anyone can flourish in work, life and love. 


The reason I believe them? Because I have first-hand experience.


I’ve personally felt the transformational power of sisterhood, wellness practices and sound healing. That’s why my mission is to make them available to women everywhere, through events, retreats and sound healing tools. 

“Feelings of loneliness have risen from 10% in March 2020 to 26% in February 2021”


These statistics reiterate the fact that now is an even more crucial time to support each other, which is why I want to make a difference to people who are trying to rebuild their lives. 

our best sellers

"I absolutely love Kate's workshops and events. She blends perfectly a combination of professionalism and knowledge with warmth and humanness. She's authentic, willing to be vulnerable, a fabulous space holder, community builder and workshop weaver. Thank you for creating some transformative experiences and for holding safe and nurturing spaces which enable participants to reflect, grow, share, laugh and feel empowered."

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Loren Treisman

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