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The Frequency of Balance; how do crystal singing bowls work?

Updated: Apr 2

How Do Crystal Singing Bowls Work?

Crystal singing bowls don’t just look beautiful- they play a vital role in the free flow of energy through the body, allowing us to feel our best.

I still remember the first time I experienced them. It was at a sound bath in London, some years into my wellness journey. Laying on the floor with the sound washing over me, I became aware of different parts of my body vibrating along with different notes. My mind, on the other hand, was completely still; as an anxiety sufferer, this was something that I rarely experienced.

I had no idea how sound healing worked back then- only that the sound bath had been one of the most profound moments of meditation that I had experienced to date. It steered me onto a new path, which ultimately led me to where I am now; offering my own collection of bowls via this site. It also prompted me to study the science behind why they’re so effective.

Crystal singing bowls, I would discover, are used to clear blockages from chakras, or energetic vortices in the body. The idea of chakras originates in ancient India: Each chakra has its own corresponding colour and functionality, from the red base chakra in the pelvic floor (which covers basic needs like security) to the violet crown chakra at the top of the head (which is our connection to the heavens and spirituality).

Each chakra also has a corresponding frequency. As Rick Ireton, author of Chakra Keys, explains;

“Chakras vibrate and become sympathetically aroused when in the presence of a corresponding frequency to a point which we can feel them vibrate with our hands due to a scientific phenomenon known as “harmonic resonance.”

This harmonic resonance, Ireton goes onto explain, is what happens “when a standing wave frequency comes into contact with an object tuned to the same frequency causing the object to vibrate at a level matching the generated frequency”. For example, if you have two guitars in a room together that are tuned in exactly the same way, you can pluck the string of one and the corresponding string on the other one will vibrate.

This gives us a clue as to how crystal singing bowls work; different sizes of bowl produce various notes that correspond to the chakras. The heart chakra, for example, is supported by the note F. When these notes are played, the corresponding chakra resonates. You can actually feel this in your body, as I did during my first sound bath.

Below, you can see which notes relate to the different chakras and areas of the body; why not try and tune in during your next sound meditation and see if you can feel more energy moving in certain areas of your body?

Energy Center



Main Issue


1st Root

Base of spine




2nd Sacral

Lower abdomen


Sexuality, Emotions


3rd Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus


Power, Vitality


4th Heart





5th Throat





6th Third Eye





7th Crown

Top of head




When the chakras are unblocked, energy can flow freely round the body, allowing us to function at our physical, emotional and spiritual best. For many of us, our modern lifestyle means that we probably wouldn’t even know what free-flowing energy feels like! But if you’ve experienced things like insomnia, anxiety, listlessness or anger issues, these could well be signs of imbalances in the energetic body.

The beauty of crystal singing bowls and other sound healing tools is that they complement just about every other kind of holistic practice. Both movement and meditation practices benefit greatly from the inclusion of sound therapy, and that’s why more and more people are using them.

My wellbeing was taken to the next level when I introduced sound healing into my practice. That’s why, when I founded I know This Girl, I knew I wanted to include sound healing tools amongst my offerings. Ultimately, when we come to see ourselves from an energetic, not just physical, viewpoint our health and happiness can transform. Crystal singing bowls are a simple, powerful tool for energy healing that I would encourage anyone to invest in.

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